Another week in Biak

The last few days, the wind has been blowing from the West (i.e. from the direction we want to go to). No point going anywhere until we get the easterlies back. On top of that Seathan and Tyrii both had a dose of man-flu and had to take it easy for a few days. So plenty of reasons to stay put for a while. It’s also been raining a lot, a continuous drizzle (not enough to fill the tanks but enough to stop the sun from coming out and topping up batteries). Anyway, we’re in a good anchorage, a few miles away from the town centre where we can have our daily swim (the water is crystal clear here) and where we don’t hear the early morning blaring speakers of the mosque or the military music they broadcast several times a day. Biak itself is a cozy town with friendly locals. We’re not complaining.

After some advice from fellow cruisers we decided to give Sorong a miss. Apparently it is a smelly, dirty, large and stretched out city with nowhere safe to leave the dinghy when going ashore. In the meantime we’ve slowly been discovering more of Biak and eventually found everything we need here: LPG, diesel, petrol, cheese, milk (the powdered variety), plenty of fresh produce, cereals, coffee, beer, and even some Scottish whiskey (and cheaper than back home).

Finally, the weather forecast is playing ball and the easterlies are back. Raja Ampat awaits!


Biak waterfront


The new fish market


The waterfront (again)


View from our anchorage, a few miles away from town


Colourful local boats


Local boats racing past


Kids at the fish market


A well stocked supermarket in Biak


It took them a while to find the key to open the booze cabinet of the supermarket

2 thoughts on “Another week in Biak

  1. Hey, world crew! You are THREE YEARS under way now!
    CONGRATULATIONS Enjoy life and be happier than anybody else!

    Kisses and love, Bob and Diane

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