Kawe to Sorong

We are slowly working our way through Rajah Ampat back to Sorong where we will replenish dwindling boat supplies and renew our visa for the next month. Wayag was the highlight so far but we are breaking new ground and finding some beautiful anchorages on the way south; today we are stern to on our own private island some small fishers go past, in-boards chugging away, they don’t bother us, we wave and feel they are ambivalent to our presence. Methinks the language barrier coupled with the religious differences (mostly Muslim) create the gap.
We jagged some great diving and snorkeling last month, but today we are close to where a young Russian was taken by a croc whilst snorkeling so we have tightened the swimming rules, women and children first! It’s a boat thing…….
We managed to forage coconuts and very nearly some bananas today but some greedy guts got there before us 🙂 the trees are everywhere, remnants of abandoned villages and resorts scattered throughout the islands, some are still furnished beds, chairs, tables, it’s like the Mary Celeste, they just upped and left, will have to investigate further. Photos to follow if and when we hit civilisation.

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