24 hours away from the boat

I left early on Tuesday morning to catch a flight from Sorong to Jakarta. What? Back to Jakarta again? Yep ... Our new passports were ready and I went to collect them in person. It's a 4-hour flight and I managed to book a return for the same evening. It made for a long day … Continue reading 24 hours away from the boat

 The tourists are in town 

It's a strange thing when you leave your boat and you become a regular tourist. Don't get me wrong, we love a bit of adventure off the boat, exploring cities, going on a road trip. Although Seathan doesn't enjoy flying (my theory is that it's a control thing), we had to get there by plane … Continue reading  The tourists are in town 


Our supplies started to run low so we headed into the busy port of Sorong and anchored near Doom Island (whoever came up with that name?). Two of our buddy boats were anchored there already and it was lovely catching up with friends we hadn’t seen in a while. However, Sorong is not somewhere you … Continue reading Sorong