Our supplies started to run low so we headed into the busy port of Sorong and anchored near Doom Island (whoever came up with that name?). Two of our buddy boats were anchored there already and it was lovely catching up with friends we hadn’t seen in a while. However, Sorong is not somewhere you want to hang around for too long, friends or not. It is busy, dirty and crowded, but a necessary stop for stocking up on food, diesel, petrol, new oil and fuel filters and we also had to renew our visas. And not forgetting: 4G internet! We had been offline for a while so made the most of the cheap internet available here; the kids got to play some of their favourite online iPad games, we downloaded some new movies, skyped our parents and caught up on some news. Next stop: Friwen Island for some much deserved swimming and snorkelling together with our two buddy boats.


Approaching Sorong


It’s a busy port


s/v Rampetamper with Sorong in the background


s/v Cardinala


Some crazy looking boats


Doom Island




Telekom and mosque


queuing up at immigration


Sorong city

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