Batanta, Raja Ampat

On our way back to Sorong (yes, unfortunately we need to head back into town) we had a brief stop in Batanta. It’s one of the four main islands in Raja Ampat, made up of countless bays and deep inlets lined with untouched mangrove forests. The island is mountainous and covered with Papuan rainforest. Seathan picked a deep inlet with 360 protection and we headed 6 miles up the river to find a stunning large bay with water as flat as pancake. It’s just heaven waking up in a place like that, with the mysterious sounds of the jungle and the cacophony of morning songs performed by many different bird species. I woke up early, grabbed my yoga mat and spread it out on the front deck for some sun salutations. Perfect start of the day.


Early morning in Batanta




Mist over the jungle


Spot the dinghy


Water as flat as a pancake


A stunning wide bay with 360 protection


Dolphins on our way out of Batanta

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