Leaving on a jetplane

Yep, we’ve left Rehua. She’s safely tied up in a small marina up the river near Sorong which has good weather protection. It’s always a bit scary to leave her behind, she is our home after all.

We’re off to Jakarta, more out of necessity than desire (we hear it is extremely large with too many people and too much traffic). The main reason is passports. After more than three years away it’s time to renew and we need to go to the embassy in Jakarta.

The kids are super excited to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights …. I’m not so sure and wonder whether I will be able to sleep without feeling the gentle rocking motion of waves and water below me … I’ve become so used to sleeping on a boat, I can’t imagine sleeping on land again. Hmmm. Too long away or just not ready to go back yet ?

The boys are also excited to get on a plane and I quite like flying too. Seathan, on the other hand, hates it. I guess as a captain he just doesn’t like it when he’s not the one at the helm. At the moment he is wandering around the hotel here in Sorong looking for things to fix, let’s hope the plane is in good order!

8 thoughts on “Leaving on a jetplane

  1. Maybe being in a busy city could be a good exercise for you all. Most of the world is full of people getting used to them could be a problem if you leave it tooooo long!!!’

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