Embassies and Shopping Malls

Arriving in Jakarta and driving into town from the airport you immediately notice the smog. There’s a haze hanging over the city. And traffic, so much traffic everywhere. And skyscrapers. Jakarta is huge, one of the biggest cities in South East Asia and you can get everything here. There are malls for luxury brands (think Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Rolex, etc), for trendy clothes, for electronics and gadgets, toys (Lego store!), food and wine (carrefour), and it goes on and on. All the European brands are there: Zara, H&M, M&S…. We even found a Pizza Express, a London-based chain serving authentic Italian pizza 🍕 👅.

Anyway, it was all a bit overwhelming and walking through these malls we realised it was full of stuff we don’t need. Onwards to the Belgian embassy were we had an appointment to renew passports. Based on the top floor of the Deutsche Bank building in the business distric, we received a very warm welcome. The Belgian consul even came out to meet us and have a chat.

Next day we had an appointment with the British passport office, no special treatment there, but very efficient of course. Passport renewals submitted and no reason to stay any longer, we decided to organise another trip. Rehua is in good hands and we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to visit the famous old temples of Borobudur and Prambanan and experience the city of Yogyakarta which friends told us is a must to visit. We were keen to take the train, an 8-hour journey across Java. Booking last minute tickets in Indonesia is easy but the train site was a bit of a challenge. Indonesian language only and no foreign credit cards accepted… Luckily Seathan had met a helpful Australian expat at the hotel and he booked it for us. So off to Gambir station, new surf board in hand, to catch another adventure! 🏄🏻

Jakarta !

Traffic, traffic, traffic

And many shopping malls

Lego store


Lego art

Beetle art

All squished up

Business district

With the king and queen

At the embassy

Pizza express

Boys taking selfies….

Cool way to decorate the fire extinguishers

Our hotel

Evening traffic

Real bacon for breakfast , a rare treat in Indo

Birds at the hotel, not as free as their Papua cousins

Quick dip

In Gambir station

Off on another adventure

Waiting for the train ….

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