24 hours away from the boat

I left early on Tuesday morning to catch a flight from Sorong to Jakarta. What? Back to Jakarta again? Yep … Our new passports were ready and I went to collect them in person. It’s a 4-hour flight and I managed to book a return for the same evening. It made for a long day as I didn’t arrive back until the next morning …

When you spend 24/7 together as a family, it is weird to suddenly be on your own. I made the most of it by doing some shopping and having a leisurely lunch. I lost track of time and almost missed the 3pm closing time of the British passport centre… Luckily, after much begging, they still let me in. Phew. The contrast between the Belgian and British passport places was striking. At the Belgian embassy, I received a warm welcome and had a chat with the consul and the ambassador. The British passport applications are outsourced and managed by a local service centre for the Commonwealth nations. It’s all very impersonal with registration desks, a huge waiting room, ticket numbers and queues. But never mind, I got all the passports and we are good for another few years 😉.

Late afternoon and time for a bit more shopping (Christmas and another birthday coming up after all). I recharged myself with a reflexology treatment and finished my day in Jakarta off with a drink at the Park Lane hotel bar. I managed to grab some sleep on the return flight and was very happy to be back on Rehua the next morning! We lifted anchor straight away and it’s off to Misool. Bye bye Sorong!


approaching Jakarta, again!

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