Across the Banda Sea

For four days and three nights we sailed across the Banda Sea. We were all happy to set sail again after what had been a delightful stop in the Banda Islands. Even in the best of places we tend to get itchy feet after a while. So we sailed out of Zonnegat bay early morning, past Ai and Run Island and I started reading a book called Nathaniel’s Nutmeg. I love reading about places we just visited and I would highly recommend this book! It’s all about the race to the spice islands between the Dutch and the English and the difference one individual can make to change the course of history.

We managed to sail most of the way and apart from a few hours of uncomfortable swell the crossing was extremely relaxing and enjoyable. The boys kept busy all day playing Lego, reading books, helping with a few chores, doing some schoolwork and after dinner they would watch a movie. Seathan and I soon got into the rhythm of being on watch and only sleeping in blocks of three hours. I wouldn’t say that it gets any easier or that we love that part though – and I did bang my head on the helm a few times as I dozed off! If the bang hadn’t woken me up, the AIS alarm surely would have. We passed through a busy shipping lane with some of the largest tankers we’ve seen, passing us closeby. Most of these were so big they wouldn’t fit through the Panama Canal!

And then we arrived in Wakatobi, just before sunset. We dropped anchor, made some pizza, watched a movie and went off to bed for a good looooooong sleep. Oh, and we also turned our clocks back another hour as we (slowly but surely) move closer to Europe 😉.


leaving Zonnegat bay Phinisi in background and canoe with net sail!


sailing past Run Island, fair trade Manhattan?


busy shipping lane, right through the Banda Sea


sails at sunset


Surely a Dutch Empire with all this orange!


Well, hello Wakatobi!


Wakatobi National Park, the reef systems are immense.



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