Another month, another visa extension

Our visa allows us to stay in Indonesia for six months, but every month we have to find an immigration office to extend our visa and stamp our passports. Not so hard? Well … that depends on the office. Wanci, on Wangi Wangi is not a port of entry but they do have an immigration office and we thought we give it a try. Small towns are better than big cities after all. Only problem was our sponsor (yes, you need a local ‘sponsor’ to write a letter to the immigration office of choice every time you want to extend). We had contacted our sponsor Raymond several times over the last two weeks and not a peep. He wasn’t responding to our emails or phone calls. So no letter. But time was running out and we went to the local immigration office in Wanci to explain our situation. Not a problem, the big boss contacted Raymond and got a response pronto and told us he would have our passports ready and stamped the next day. Result! But … one condition: they had to come and inspect the boat. OK then. Many selfies later and another trip to the immigration office today and everything was sorted. We didn’t have to fill in the usual twenty eight forms, the girls in the office filled everything in for us. They even went to the bank to prepay the charges so we just had to reimburse them the cash (which saved us a lot of time – thank you girls!). The best service we’ve had so far. Now where to next?


helpful and efficient staff at the immigration office in Wanci


this beautiful lady is nine months pregnant


group photo outside the immigration office


just one more selfie


visit to the boat


opportunity to take a few more selfies


chief of the immigration office


trying out the helm seat


inspection done


the local petrol station


locals out training early morning


Wanci sunset


early morning, the waterfront


crazy clouds

6X8A4577 (1)

local fishing boats in Wanci harbour

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