A hard slog

Heading West during the start of the NW Monsoon is a hard slog.  We’re picking our moments few and far between! From Bali we sailed across the Java Sea and encountered a few heavy squalls (think roaring forties). Nothing the boat and the crew couldn’t manage, but not very pleasant nonetheless…

We’re taking a few days rest in Bawean, a small island in the middle of the Java Sea, to wait for some more favourable weather before we continue to Belitung. Last night, we had some crazy squalls with the most thunder and lightning we’ve ever experienced. Never seen so much energy being released from the sky. It started blowing violently up to 40 knots and the boat was bouncing around on the anchor. The kids? They didn’t even wake up!


Motor-sailing across the Java Sea with our buddy boat, calm before the squalls


fishermen racing out, warlike from stem to stern, waking to this sight must have been what the Brits experienced when our Norse mates arrived for the extended party…….


hundreds of them!


all shouting and happy to see us


Sydney……are you missing something this morning if so I think we found it! The tug is around 100′ just for purposes of scale.


Indonesian style FAD, or perhaps a small resort startup.


The wharf at Bawean, these boys could teach Macbraynes a thing or two about efficient loading, all by hand!


in town, we feel like celebrities, not many tourists come here…


off to get diesel, never complain again about the effort on the forecourt, we become more like our primate cousins every trip.


Bawean litres are small, they got 95l into 80l of our jerry cans, just to the 20 l line mind you ,Dr Who would have been proud! Oh! and to top it off they were pumping from the petrol drum into the diesel bucket so it all had to be redone, fag in hand of course, the modified petrol was then returned to its respective home at a ratio of about 3:1,  I’ll pick up some petrol in Belitung.


Eat your heart out Bieber………….. the kids are in town.


Guardians of the dingy universe……waving goodbye to Alien forces!


At the third anchorage at Bawean, 8 meters and fine sand and clay, sleep easy!

vlcsnap-2017-12-10-08h08m28s975 (2)

2 hours later, sheet, forked, wiggly, straight down, ball, all types of lightning with 40 knots to blow away the first vestiges of sleep, the most sustained energy release we have ever encountered, 4 hours worth at least. No sleep easy.




2 thoughts on “A hard slog

  1. Need to know your weights and measures. Glad you are all surviving the squalls. Where do you go to get out of the monsoon? Snow or rather slush here. Best wishes for Christmas if no comms before.

    • It’s a good question James … just need to get a wee bit more north and west and we’ll be fine. Oh damn, that’s exactly where the wind is coming from right now…. just waiting for a calm window ! Enjoy the snow – very jealous seeing all those lovely pics today ! Xxx

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