“Monsoon Madness”

I suppose after years of an ultramarine and turquoise lifestyle most of you will say we deserve a bit of personalised wintery weather…….well it’s here in spades.                         Looking forward, the next four or five days will likely be the same as the last four or five days, coffee swilling,  deck pacing, weather downloading, meal cooking,  activity planning, most of which will not come to fruition because it’s wall to wall gigabyte sized squalls cut and pasted on top of a good 20-25 knts of spinoff from Cyclone Kai-Tak up north.  We had 48 knts over the deck at 0400hrs yesterday,  what fun, “damn I wish I had put out that extra 10 meters of chain in the afternoon”, you sit, number crunching at the helm, ears strained, listening for chain scrape, your buttocks unwittingly clenched, waiting, waiting, for the slip, the drift into deep black space………the reef clad shore 500mtrs away, but it doesn’t come, our Manson Supreme 60 pounder on 50 mtrs of 3/8″ holds like an advert, the rain increases to a grey, horizontally streaked mass, the wind backs a little and you relax ever so slightly in your seat………but not too much, accidents can happen! All three yachts were well lit by this stage and I suspect a mutual current of fear and loathing for this wearisome weather was aboard each and every one. The local Harbour Authority have called all ships into port due to 4-5 mtr swell outside and ferries are cancelled until further notice. We have scoured every weather model for a glimmer of letup, Friday looks promising, but wait, its madness to leave on a Friday, superstitious madness, so let’s look at Saturday, keep you posted on that one it’s not like we have anything else to do! Meanwhilst the fair is now in town in the form of a “four deep” raft of the most colourful, grubby, fishing boats ever to grace a waterfront, but the crews smile and laugh and caper like it’s a holiday park, just goes to show how bloody hard these guys are, all nets and lines are manhandled the only help a small boom type crane with a 2:1 block system.


Don’t linger downwind of these puppies!


No Parahandy culture aboard here, they are all SunnyJims.


That is cloud above, not so different from when all galley stoves are fired up.


Thes guys are flyweights in boxing terms, all of them, imagine setting and hauling that lot by hand, all day and night, no wonder they are smiling today 🙂


Mean whilst, at school today we learned a new word……… J.A.C.K.E.T……..



3 thoughts on ““Monsoon Madness”

  1. Beautiful writing!! Captures it all so well. Wondering how you were doing.
    Glad to see you’re in Belitung!!!
    Helane Velella

  2. Even this end where it’s all calmer lesser squalls persisted and until we reached Lombok that swell dogged us. Banyuwedang was a real rest . Celukanbawang was a safe spot dodging wind and squalls. Lovina was ok for an hour but swell returned and couldn’t get ashore. Agung / Amed / AMBAT trouble finding anchorage. Surge. Then went to Lembar as SW forecast for the strait. Lembar welcomed us in. We were able to refuel at last. Fresh market. Included in wedding celebrations. Xmas day decided weather was benign we would move 12 miles for an outing and wifi ….. haha 30 knot headwinds sprang out of nowhere , depth between 2 islands suddenly 6 m / chart saying 36!! Arrived Giligede hours later so exhausted we didn’t get ashore til next afternoon. AND WE’RE DOING THE EASY END!!!!

    • Hello Helane and Peter! What weather we’re all having ! It’s just crazy !! We’re happy to have made it to Belitung and from here we can probably do day-hops which is much preferable with all those logs and fishing buoys everywhere … Hope you’re enjoying a few days rest at last . We were sailing on Xmas day , pretty shitty 3 day crossing from Karimunjawa with choppy sea and wind on the nose, of course. Santa still managed to bring the boys some presents though , and we’re having a belated Christmas celebration onboard today . Best wishes from us four ! keep in touch ! Audrie & the boys xxxx

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