Day-hopping it to Langkawi

It's been a long slog getting out of Indonesia, and, getting up the Strait of Malacca has been similarly slow. But, as always in sailing, hard times are compensated with good ones and arriving in Langkawi has been very rewarding! After Port Dickson, near Malacca, it took four more day-sails before we reached Langkawi. In … Continue reading Day-hopping it to Langkawi


We are sailing through the famous Malacca Strait as I write. Even though the wind is mostly on the nose, it's a good time of the year to go through as the weather is calm, with less chance of violent thunderstorms and Sumatra winds. We've had the sails up a few times, but mostly we … Continue reading Malacca

Exit Indonesia

After six months the time has come to clear out of Indonesia... It wasn't nearly long enough to discover this vast archipelago of diverse islands. Maybe we will return one day... We're in Belitung, an island roughly halfway between Jakarta and Singapore, and we were able to complete exit clearance here. Indonesians love paperwork and … Continue reading Exit Indonesia