3 countries in 1 day

Breakfast in Indonesia, lunch in Singapore and dinner in Malaysia. Must be a personal record for Rehua? Our 3-day sail from Belitung was (thankfully) pretty uneventful in terms of squalls. We saw a few very threatening ones but didn’t get hit as badly as we did in our last two passages. And we crossed the equator (again); Seathan was the only one awake at the time and I think he just had a quiet one-to-one with King Neptune.

The last day kept us very busy. We had stopped at night, just before entering the straits of Singapore, to get a few hours sleep on the hook. We happened to be right in front of a petroleum plant which as it happened put on the biggest all nighter “Roman Candle” the boys had ever seen. It was dark when we arrived and we carefully navigated our way in, using satellite images. As soon as we dropped the hook, a security boat came over to see what we were up to, no English, no Indonesian, roll forward thirty minutes queue the same boat with an orange suited petroleum worker who had excellent English:

“Why you stopping here?”

“Mate…. Ive been steering for three days and I’m knackered, we’ll be gone by 5 in the morning.”

Okay, why stop here? To answer that would have involved a multi faceted answer; because you have ten meters of water with sand and mud, because your out of the swell, because its 360 degrees shelter, but Seathan opted for “You have a beautiful beach……” He was a happy man….if only a little perplexed, there is no beach or sand for thirty miles!

Sailing across the Singapore Straits is not for the faint of heart. It’s one of the busiest ports in the world. This is what the chart looked like at one point:


And on the chart plotter, things looked pretty busy too: Got to love the vectors on AIS at this point. Anybody else remember the game “Asteroids”


Somehow we had to get across all that lot. Seathan didn’t seem very phased by it, “no worse than than Sydney Harbour on a quiet afternoon,” he said. I, on the other hand, was very happy to give up my watch and stick to galley duties for the day 😉

The boys loved checking out all those tankers from so close by. We certainly didn’t get bored. On top of that, we got treated to a full-on flight show (one F18 and two F16s). They kept doing crazy loops and tricks and did a few fly-overs over Rehua. Very nice welcome to Singapore.

We passed Singapore and kept going to Malaysia, just across the other side of the straits, we went under a bridge and then into a marina. It’s the first time since Auckland, 2 years ago, that we’ve been in a marina and it feels strange, being tied onto the dock.

Clearing into Malaysia was SUPER easy. A complete contrast with Indonesia. It took a total of 10 minutes only (and I’m not exaggerating), no complicated forms, just some fingerprints and, bam!, our passports were stamped and we’re good to stay for 90 days. Customs didn’t even visit the boat, neither did Quarantine.

The marina itself is brand new, much cheaper than anywhere in Singapore, the staff are friendly, the showers are clean, there are laundry machines, … The harbour is surrounded by many restaurants,  including a Belgian one with mussels and fries, a great selection of beers and other homely treats. And Legoland is just a few kilometres away. Looks like we’re getting our Christmas treats after all!

Some photos from the passage:


Beautiful calm seas as we sail along without a care in the world!!!!


Even calmer and still carefree as an albatross in the Southern Ocean


Not going to rain today, I promise!


time to hoist the “can’t be upside down flag”


The Singapore Straits, busy with tankers, as opposed to tizzy with bankers further ahead!!!


Spot the rooftop garden “strung out and lazy” over three rooftops!


We argued….she said cloud………… I begged to differ.


Same garden just closer, Oh look someone lost their bicycle wheel!


Anyone seen MY CHOPPER?


Back in the cheap seats further south.


Thomas the tug boat lives on, and he knows he can do it!


Just finished the boys new paper darts, GOOSE!


Raffles lighthouse, not even close to the Hotel. otherwise…


Darts doin’ loops


Darts begging to differ at the bottom of the loop……


Darts doing barrels whilst chasing an F18 with a very bad paint job.


meanwhile……….. after sixteen voyeuristic airshow beers on the water….Auds driving of course!


many huge tankers around


lil too close there tiger back off


all good


these guys are still at it……… and of course so am I


whoops, that’s close……….. reeeeverse!


Weeeeeee……….. thatsh a fasht one!


Kids did you call the thunderbirds???


Glasgow Express, wanna meet the Flying Scotsman?


sailing past Raffles Marina, shame the tide was out……..


yes we’re going under that bridge,  air draught WTF, stay calm, by this stage I was having difficulty calculating 25 metres into  (hic) feet! Very, Very long airshow…. troops!



Looking really tight,62 foots, divides by 8sh multiply by 5sh, no no, its 305mm to the footsies so therefore 25 x 305 =12/36 all shquared to give yardsh, we don’t have yardshies, shit, then volume of the hypotenuse, f*+k what’s the height in feet, no not the keel the bridge!


But I knew all along it was going to be just about fine until…………


Safely tucked up in Puteri Harbour……………………….minus 2 mtrs of mast (JUST KIDDING!! There was plenty of space for us under that bridge)


Puteri Harbour with Singapore in the background, ……………………………………yes hello hello,  I need a number for Selden Singapore 🙂






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