Good Times

We just love Thailand. Comfortable anchorages with lovely sandy beaches make for a great daily routine, starting off with a swim or a SUP to the beach early morning, followed by school, lunch and then another trip to the beach in the afternoon. It’s just perfect. The locals are friendly, the food is great (and cheap) and you can have a super-duper 1-hour massage on the beach for 250 baht (£5/$8). The weather’s been dry and breezy although the first squalls started appearing in the last few days. Perhaps it’s a sign that the seasons will be changing soon?

Thailand has also been great to get some key items ticked off our to-do list. We installed a new chart plotter (thanks Paul!) and a new VHF radio (the old one was unfixable) and upgraded our cockpit with new cushions and newly upholstered helmseats. We had our rigging inspected (all good) and finally also installed new trampolines. Not a bad set of achievements!

We could easily stay here longer but unfortunately our visas are running out soon. So, it’s back to Langkawi (with a few islands stops on the way) and then we’ll see where the wind takes us next. But first, we still have a very important birthday to celebrate…


early morning SUP to the beach


daily swim


fitting the new trampolines


final tweaking 


our ‘new’ cockpit


very luxurious!


new helmseat

10 thoughts on “Good Times

  1. Good Times
    Upgrades look great. Very flash. Great to see you’re continuing to have a fabulous time. Lovely to observe your fun. Keep well. Safe sailing. Ken and Carol.

  2. Wow! The boat upgrades look terrific! I’ll definitely be getting in touch for details! Glad to see you’re finding time for fun amidst all the fixes!! Say hi to the boys from E and M!

    • Thanks – we’re very happy with the results and would definitely recommend Thailand for any upholstery work. Great value for money and excellent craftsmanship. Hello back from T & A ! XX

  3. Hello! we are a portuguese family also sailing around the world, we left thailand 10 days ago and we have arrived to Sri Lanka yesterday. We meet Helaine and Peter in Indonesia and they talked about you. Unfortunnaly i did not contact you immediatly and now i see we could have meet in phuket… we also have two kids, with 7 and 5. Are you comming to Sri lanka? we are in Galle and intend to go thru the red sea to the Med in the end of the month
    . Our site is and my email is Hope to ear from you and meet you somewhere!:)

    • Hi Joana, that’s a real pity we missed each other, we are not planning to cross this year, we will take one more year in SE Asia, hopefully our paths will cross in the not too distant future.
      all the best,
      Seathan Audrie Tyrii and Aeneas

  4. How idyllic! Living the life. Tell Shamus we had his risotto and salmon tonight – Hans’ favourite after we had it with you at home in London – doesn’t that seem s lifetime ago. Love Hans and Val 💕

  5. Keep sailing and sending pictures. We are enjoying from far away though it makes me miss even more boat life. Bisous aux 4! Gonzalo & Karina

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