Marina Life

We’ve spent the last few weeks in Nongsapoint marina in Batam, Indonesia. A great place to do some boat maintenance. Seathan fixed our water maker and fitted our engines with new fuel injectors and we are good to go again. We also got stuck into the new school year and caught up as we had a bit of a break last month while we were in the Anambas. And of course we also met up with a few yachties, made some new friends and shared a few beers at happy hour in the marina bar (aka NPM prison bar) 😇.


Nongsapoint marina, Batam, Indonesia


New parts arrived. Yay!


Fitting the new fuel injectors


The marina at low tide


Quite a few super yachts in this marina!

While we were waiting for parts to arrive, we made a couple of quick trips into Singapore (very handy to have the fast ferry into Singapore next door to the marina). And it wasn’t just to do the tourist thing. I met up with some old colleagues to start asking around about job opportunities. After four years of traveling, it might be time to start looking at doing some work again 😬. We’ll see what transpires. In the meantime, we plan to take one more trip to the Anambas. So don’t worry if you don’t hear from us for a little while as there’s not much internet out there 😊.


Singapore getting ready for the GP earlier this month


View from the National Gallery’s rooftop


Bars along Boat Quay


Skyline at night


Quick day trip into Singapore, to renew our monthly visas


AC units around the back of the restaurants. Can’t be doing much good to the environment.

IMG_0654 (1)

Boat Quay


exploring town


Raffles is everywhere


Can we go back now?


Back at the marina, just in time for a late afternoon dip in the pool.

One thought on “Marina Life

  1. Good to hear you are up and sailing again. Hope you are lucky with some work….well paid I hope to allow you to move on again.

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