New Year, New Plan

Yes, I know, it’s been a while since our last blog post… So what’s going on? Well, we’re still in Batam, Indonesia, and yes, we’ve been stationary for a little while now.

After four and a half years of travelling around the world it was time to re-think our grand plan. We originally envisaged a three to four year trip to circumnavigate the world. But now those four years have passed, and we’re only three quarters of the way round.

We don’t want to rush the last bit, and also, we’re not really sure we want to go back to ‘life-as-it-used-to-be’. Especially not back to the UK; the Brexit chaos seems to be spiralling out of proportion and we can’t believe what is happening. And then there is also the climate. We’ve gotten quite used to these lovely tropical temperatures (ok, I admit we do complain that is too hot sometimes). And yes, we do miss our friends and family, but we really hope we can see some of you in 2019.

We’ve been staying in Nongsapoint marina, in Batam, which is just a short 30-minute ferry ride across the Strait into Singapore. It’s a lovely, relaxed marina with lots of liveaboards, a welcoming expat community nearby, a great swimming pool (and three more pools around the corner in the sister-resort), a dinghy sailing school for kids, a golf course, a spa, a restaurant and of course a bar with happy-hour drinks.


Nongsapoint marina


the view from our cockpit with the beautiful 19th century racing yacht Rona in the middle


view from the bow: Spikey Lady aka the party boat


the pool at Nongsapoint marina, perfect for a daily swim


the pool at Turi beach, just around the corner


the kids taking part in some dinghy racing in the marina

So, we settled in for a bit, made some fantastic new friends, celebrated Halloween, had a couple of birthdays on board and are now getting into the Christmas spirit. It’s a nice change from last year, when we celebrated Christmas at sea, struggling our way out of Indonesia against wind and tide.


Ready for the Halloween party, with the crew from S/V Mersea


Halloween party at the nearby Infinite film studios


Happy Birthday Aeneas!


And they baked the cake themselves! 

So what’s the plan then?

I’ve been hopping back and forth to Singapore for job interviews. The market is a bit different from London, but thanks to some great recommendations from my previous employers, I now have a few interesting opportunities lined up for the new year. So it looks like we’ll be spending a year or more in Singapore.

And that’s not a bad thing. It means we can earn some money and then continue our trip, maybe stop somewhere else again in the future.

So not the Indian Ocean for us in 2019, but exciting plans nonetheless!

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2019, from all of us on Rehua.


We’re getting into the Christmas spirit here too, despite the tropical temperatures!


sunset over Nongsapoint marina


14 thoughts on “New Year, New Plan

  1. Merry Christmas to all & good prospects for New Year . Thinking of you in the warmth, not too bad here but no prospect of snow. Love from all. Xxx xxx xxx

  2. Have a very merry Christmas Sailors!
    Brexit is really mess, and it’s quite mess, well, will see what’s going to happen.
    Anyway, we are happy for you and even you going to settle for short time in Singapore, write some stories!
    I am always very excited to read yours sailing in progress!!!
    Good luck in the New Year!!!
    Roman and family.

  3. I love the way you adapt and flow as a family, gracefully navigating changes in plans and making your decisions as a family about how to live your wonderful journey of sailing the planet, and of life.

  4. It took us more than 9 years to get around the world. Our new year is going to welcome a new and larger yacht. Have a great Christmas and 2019 from Alison and Geoff off Saraoni.

  5. Guys – Have a fantastic Xmas and wishing you all the best for 2019. Will be missing you in Les Coches for NYE. Trying to work out our next trip out east and see if we can bump into you again. Lots of love . Naz, Dan, Lara xxx

  6. Hola. Feliz Navidad!!

    I know well your feelings, coming back to land life is not an easy decision as life on board is pretty hard to beat in a consumption society. That being said, Singapore and your current set up seems like a great stepping stone to test the waters… Merry Christmas..

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