An Indonesian Hogmanay

If you know us a little, you’ll know that we don’t like to plan too far ahead. We prefer to go with the flow. Hogmanay was just like that. We took Rehua out for a sail the day before, and had thought of going cruising around Bintan and Batam for a few days. The weather decided differently, and after a 7-hour sail we headed back into the marina. Without any plans really for New Year’s Eve, we hooked up with all the likeminded people in the marina plus a lovely Italian family we met in the resort. The wonderful mix of nationalities (Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, Australian, Scottish, Belgian, Dutch, English, French, Italian, and I’m probably forgetting a few) didn’t stop us from following some Scottish Hogmanay traditions: Auld Lang Syne on the foredeck, fireworks, a bit of first footing, a wee dram and some more Scottish tunes on the guitar. It was a wonderfully impromptu evening and we feel privileged to have met so many great new friends here in Nongsa.

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and adventurous 2019 !!


New Year’s Day on Rehua


First Footing on Rona


How many people can we fit on the foredeck?


Best seats in the house to watch the fireworks from


Happy Hogmanay!


with the Italian contingent


entrance to the marina


Nongsapoint marina at low tide


view from the marina office


the beach




Rehua flying the Scottish flag for the occasion 


One thought on “An Indonesian Hogmanay

  1. Love reading your journey through life looks amazing. The boys seem to have grown so much in two years. It seems ages since we met in Uepi Solomon Islands. Safe travels, we are back in Australia after seven months in UK. Graeme & Judy.

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