Welcome to Singapore

First of all, I’m very happy to report that Tyrii is recovering really well. He’s managing to eat solid foods again and can almost speak normally again too. The stitches (16 or so!) will take up to 3 months to dissolve. I don’t think he will be doing any front flips for a while and he’ll probably stay away from trampolines all together. It was a big trauma and we’re all very relieved there were no further complications.

So, yes, we have finally landed in Singapore. The sail across the Singapore Strait took an entire day as our destination, Raffles Marina, is on the other side of the island. We received a very warm welcome and we’re happy with our new berth and surroundings. It’s not as exotic and lush as Nongsapoint but there is a great swimming pool featuring water slides and even a jacuzzi, a decent gym, restaurants, a bar, and, it’s peaceful and quiet. It will do just fine.

Best of all, Raffles Marina has an MRT station (aka underground or metro) right outside the entrance to the marina. It takes a good hour to get into the centre of town but the MRT is very comfortable, clean, airconditioned and there is phone signal everywhere.

So, here we are, Singapore, we are ready for you. It will be a big adjustment but we’re excited for the changes ahead. Wish us luck!


bye bye Nongsapoint


Singapore, here we come


approaching the big smoke


Singapore skyline


at the Western Quarantine Clearance, first check is done by the Police


busy Singapore Strait


it’s near sunset as we approach Raffles Marina


Raffles Marina


entrance to Raffles Marina with the famous Raffles lighthouse


we have a lovely quiet spot at the end of C dock


our gorgeous neighbour


C dock


there’s even a complimentary newspaper, delivered directly to the boat each morning


view from the bar


the swimming pool is approved by the kids!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Singapore

  1. Enjoy Singapore. I’ve never been there, so I know nothing more than can be seen from the Straits. …. but I guess it is the best place around here to top up the coffers.
    Audrie …. I hope the work is excitingg and entralling.

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