We are a family of four, Mum, Dad and the “dos angelos” ,
Audrie, Seathan, Tyrii (9) and Aeneas (4) no the names are not a result of an over sociable scrabble evening, like the children, they were carefully planned!
The boys will be home schooled, fish can school, I’m sure we’ll manage! Audrie is our linguistics expert I got landed with the sciences, Oh, and the maths thing, does anybody know what a number string is?


4 thoughts on “Crew

  1. So wonderful to meet you all and witness your ” energy” and excitement this am on the train.
    We will follow you and pray for travelling mercies.

    Tom and Mary Goodrich

  2. Hi, from Margy and Monty (S/V Whistler). We look forward to meeting you in New Zealand, likely in February. We are glad to have the last Canadian built boat, one younger than Whistler, so close by! Our blog is, if you are interested. We have some work to do to get our blog to look as nice as yours! We look forward to meeting you! All the best!

  3. Time to update the Crew! The boys look so young in the photo and you have been on such a long journey. Four birthdays on board for the ‘wee one’ can’t believe it and he has grown up so much.
    Just when you have time of course!

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