We are well over half way now "motor sailing" into 2knts of Nth-Sth current at just over 6 knts, position 00 04.129N:104 56.681E, we recrossed the Equator at around 0700hrs this morning no fancy ceremonies, everyone is still asleep. We will cut up through the west coast of Batam and join the TSS East and … Continue reading Belitung-Malaysia

“Monsoon Madness”

I suppose after years of an ultramarine and turquoise lifestyle most of you will say we deserve a bit of personalised wintery weather.......well it's here in spades.                         Looking forward, the next four or five days will likely be the same as the last four or five days, coffee swilling,  deck pacing, weather downloading, meal cooking,  … Continue reading “Monsoon Madness”


We are starting to wonder if we have our timing right? Seasonally that is, the wet season should have given way by now and we would expect some drier weather. Last night was unabated wall to wall rain cells, the boat's washed and the tanks are full can we please have some sunshine!! Its been … Continue reading Ninigo.