Plan ‘B’

There’s always a Plan ‘A’, ‘B’ and even a Plan ‘C’ when you’re sailing. We’re mostly dictated by the weather and flexibility is just one of these requirements we’ve become very used to. We wanted to sail to Tuvalu from Vanuatu and then onwards to Kiribati and the Marshall Islands. Unfortunately, the weather decided otherwise … Continue reading Plan ‘B’

1200 nautical miles later

Seathan did a final weather check early on Tuesday morning and decided the window looked better than initially hoped so we all got into action and started preparing our departure for midday. We rang Customs (who also handle immigration on departure) and they offered to come to see us in Orakei marina which made everything … Continue reading 1200 nautical miles later


We didn't stay long in Minerva reef. In fact, we left the same day to catch the weather window to NZ. At this point it is unclear when the next weather window will be, so we didn't fancy being stuck there for a week or two with nothing to do! Swimming or snorkeling is not … Continue reading GREY