Isabela, Galapagos 

Isabela is the largest island in Galapagos but it's much less developed than Santa Cruz. Puerto Villamil used to be a penal colony and today there's a small village here with a few shops, hostels and restaurants. There are two other kid boats in the anchorage (1 Australian and 1 Scottish) and the boys are … Continue reading  Isabela, Galapagos 

Santa Cruz, Galapagos 

The amount of wildlife in Galapagos is truly staggering: sea lions, turtles, pelicans, sharks, tortoises, marine iguanas, blue footed boobies, penguins, ... Even just sitting at anchor in Puerto Ayero we see loads! Santa Cruz is very green and lush and the island produces plenty of fruit and veg so we are able to stock … Continue reading Santa Cruz, Galapagos