Day Sail

We spent a day with our lovely friends from London who happened to be holidaying in Cephalonia this week. It was great for Tyrii to catch up with a classmate and for us to catch up on the latest London news. We had a great meal out and went for an all day sail the next … Continue reading Day Sail



I can’t believe it’s been only a week since we left Marmaris. We’ve done quite a few Greek islands in one week: Simi, Yiali, Levitha, Patmos, Fournio and Tinos. We arrived in Tinos before sunset after a long day sailing, parked up Mediterranean style (anchor with stern lines to the quay) and settled down for … Continue reading Tinos


We're in Patmos today . We've been doing a different island every day. After Simi we stopped in Yiali and in Levitha. Levitha is a very remote island with only a lighthouse keeper and a few fishermen as residents. Yesterday it was quite windy and the sea state was quite rough and short but the … Continue reading Patmos