We’re back in the water! What a treat! After too many days on the hard (too hot! too many mosquitoes!), we really appreciate feeling the water under our hull again. Even sleeping on a boat that doesn’t rock felt too weird. We had to wait for a new raw water pump that needed replacing and it got stuck with customs for days but finally arrived on Monday afternoon. Now the boat is sparkling and we are itching to go sailing again. Last night we celebrated being back in the water with a lovely dinner onboard. Tomorrow we leave for the ABC islands; we should get there in about 3 days. We’ll post regular position updates on http://blog.mailasail.com/rehua

IMG_1049 IMG_1057


It’s not much fun to live on a boat when it’s out of the water … So after school I took the kids for a swim in a nearby pool to cool down. They had a great afternoon. We are waiting for one more part to pick up tomorrow and then we can reassemble and hopefully splash the boat in the afternoon. If not, it will be on Monday. Our next stop will be the ABC islands. We would have loved to stop in Los Roques but have been advised against going there because of the political situation in Venezuela. Of course it’s a shame we can’t visit those beautiful islands and we hope for the sake of the people of Venezuela the situation gets better soon …

Aeneas chilling in the pool…


After a relaxing weekend it is back to work and back to school today. We are still on the hard working our way through our list of repairs and maintenance jobs. Yesterday was a fun day. We did a big tour of the island and visited a rum factory and a chocolate factory. We stopped for lunch in Petit Anse where we enjoyed amazing views over the islands north of Grenada and the kids were allowed to use the swimming pool so everyone was happy!


IMG_0677St. George’s



lunchtime swim petit ansePetit Anse

chocolate factory

At the chocolate factory

rum factory 2

At a rum factory

rum factoryrum factory 3

Island tour

The kids and I went exploring yesterday and did a tour of the island with a local guide. It was an interesting day full of learning. We heard about Grenada’s history as a colony and becoming independent from 1974. Hurricane Ivan caused massive destruction in 2004 killing 40 people and destroying most of the nutmeg trees, Grenada’s most important export product. We saw cocoa, nutmeg, cinnamon trees, coffee plants and many different herbs and spices. To top it all off we visited a small organic chocolate factory where we learnt about the chocolate making process. And finally we stopped at a waterfall for a refreshing dive!







IMG_0517 Meanwhile in the boatyard this morning:


Out of the water

That’s it, we’re out of the water and onto the hard. It certainly is a strange feeling! Luckily we can still sleep on the boat and the facilities in the boatyard are pretty good. We’re hoping to get all the work done in a week or so and can’t wait to be back in the water!

IMG_5776 IMG_5785 IMG_5788 IMG_5793

Prickly Bay, Grenada

After a brief stopover in Flamingo Bay (a nature reserve and great snorkelling spot), we arrived in Prickly Bay. It’s busy yachting hub with lots of activity. Yesterday was Independence Day so pretty much everything was closed and there were celebrations everywhere. We plan to haul the boat out of the water here to get some maintenance done including some new antifouling. We will probably be here for at least a week and also take the opportunity to stock up on provisions. Grenada seems like a good place to start preparing for our next leg of the journey, the Pacific crossing. But first we still have a few exciting stopovers to make on our way to Panama!

independent kids

prickly bay

flamingo bay

prickly bay dinghy dock