Accidents Happen…

I know it's part of life and most parents will have to deal with it at some point, but it is soooooo upsetting. At a lovely Sunday BBQ with friends, here in Nongsa, the kids went to jump on the trampoline and an attempted front flip went wrong. Aeneas came running for help: "Come quickly, … Continue reading Accidents Happen…


More Anambas, Please

Summer wasn't over after all. We had a few more weeks of glorious sunshine (and the odd rainy day, I admit). The Anambas Islands really rate as one of the top places we've been to in our four years of cruising. It's just the perfect combination of remote island life with deserted sandy beaches, numerous … Continue reading More Anambas, Please

Exit Indonesia

After six months the time has come to clear out of Indonesia... It wasn't nearly long enough to discover this vast archipelago of diverse islands. Maybe we will return one day... We're in Belitung, an island roughly halfway between Jakarta and Singapore, and we were able to complete exit clearance here. Indonesians love paperwork and … Continue reading Exit Indonesia

“Monsoon Madness”

I suppose after years of an ultramarine and turquoise lifestyle most of you will say we deserve a bit of personalised wintery weather.......well it's here in spades.                         Looking forward, the next four or five days will likely be the same as the last four or five days, coffee swilling,  deck pacing, weather downloading, meal cooking,  … Continue reading “Monsoon Madness”