We're ready to say goodbye to Italy and head to Spain. But before we leave we wanted to spend one more night at anchor. After five days in a marina in a big city, being at anchor again is serendipity. We found a lovely bay just 15 NM south of Cagliari with clear water for … Continue reading Arrivederci


We’ve been in Cagliari since Monday. It’s an interesting city, a mixture between ancient history and modern city living. We enjoyed visiting the historic centre and its beautiful cathedral set within very old city walls. Apart from some sight-seeing we spent the rest of our time doing maintenance and fixes to the boat, catching up … Continue reading Cagliari

we’re off again

We're off to Sardinia! Bye bye Favignana! We enjoyed being here for a few days and yesterday explored the island which has some beautiful bays and a rugged coastline. It should take us between 24 and 36 hours to get to Sardinia depending on wind speed and direction...


After a gentle day's sailing we arrived in Sicily yesterday. We visited Cefalu, a historic town with a cathedral dating back to Norman times (12th century). Today is another calm day and we are cruising along the north coast of Sicily. There's not much else to report apart from the fact that we are really … Continue reading Cefalu


We arrived in Salina this afternoon, a beautiful green lush island in the Aeolian archipelago. This group of islands are all peaks of volcanoes of which two are still active (Volcano and Stromboli). Aeolus was the god of the winds and it was he who gave Odysseus the contrary winds tied up in a bag, … Continue reading Salina


We had a very productive pit stop in the marina. We cleaned the boat and had a good sleep and ate some amazing food. The little marina restaurant served the most delicious lunch: spaghetti a la vongole, mussels, veal steak and the juiciest lobster I ever ate (for only 12 euros!). In the evening we … Continue reading Scilla