Minerva Reef

The sail from Tonga started beautifully with flat water, fair winds and blue seas, the colouring was continuous but the wind and sea state, as usual, did an about turn, humps from the south and lumps from the east made for some rock and roll, albeit at 9knts+ boat speed. We are anchored in the … Continue reading Minerva Reef

Off to NZ

I can describe the snorkel Virginie and I did yesterday in one word: WAW. We are in the Ha'apai island group of Tonga and the underwater life is some of the most spectacular we have seen on our trip. We caught up with Toucan and Phileas a couple of days ago and have since moved … Continue reading Off to NZ


Yesterday Aeneas turned six! It’s his second birthday on this trip (last year we were in Fuengirola). It turned out to be a hectic day that started early to open presents. He was astonished to find Playmobil and Lego underneath the wrappers as they aren’t to be found anywhere in these regions. We had them … Continue reading Six