Feeling frustrated

We’ve been in Turkey for two weeks now and we are still not ready to go. I’m starting to feel a bit frustrated! Without a new mastervolt piece of electrical equipment we can’t leave the marina. We are depending on shore power and a temporary battery set up unit our mastervolt is fixed. Our boat … Continue reading Feeling frustrated


Tyrii woke up early this morning (as he often does!) and went to read his kindle in the hammock on deck. I think it's his favourite spot at the moment! As you can see from the picture, we also had nets put around the sides (kid protection) and we had all the life lines replaced … Continue reading Hammock

We're in Turkey! Finally! After months of packing, organising, farewell parties and many goodbyes, we got here! Our adventure can begin! We flew here yesterday from Glasgow and were worried we would get hit with extra bills for all our excess luggage but the check-in staff were great and very accommodating! It's very hot and … Continue reading