KIDS BLOG by Tyrii (and Aeneas)

7th January 2019, Batam, Indonesia


Hi it’s been 6 months since I last wrote, which is a while I know. Recently we’ve been hanging out in a marina in Batam called Nongsa Point. It’s quite nice here as they have a swimming pool and a restaurant (which is OK mostly). We’ve been here for around two months so it does get a bit boring, although we did have Christmas in a marina for once instead of at sea which was great. New Year’s Eve was fun as there were 3 other Italian kids with us who we watched loads of movies with us.

Before we were here we were in the Anambas islands which we went to twice (each time for a month), first with our friends from Belgium who stayed on the boat with us. The last time was with our good friends the Danish from Tsonoqua II 😊 who were great fun to hang out with as Gustav & Victoria are both twelve year old twins. Recently we haven’t been doing much but soon we will go to Phuket (by plane) to see our grandparents. After that I think we will go to Singapore with the boat and live there for a year. So that’s about it from me but Aeneas is going to write his blog now, so yeah. 




‼️MERRY CHRISTMAS‼️                                

(ok maybe I’m a little late)

I had a great Christmas and a good New Year’s Eve and umm yeah. Recently we went SKATEBOARDING (which was terrible but fun). 

I know it’s short but I don’t have much to write about so 





Rebak Island 15 June 2018

It’s been ages since I last wrote!

A few months ago we went to LEGOLAND and it was really cool! There was even a special thing going on where you could program a Lego robot. Anyway that was before we went to Thailand. We were mostly in Phuket (First time I tried to pronounce that it sounded like something else ☺️. It’s actually pronounced POO-ket ) where we met up with my grandparents again! We really liked Nai Harn where they had a fantastic beach 🏖 with enough waves for boogie boarding, but not to much so it was a rough anchorage. There were loads of fat Russian tourists on the beach though… then we came back down to Malaysia after a few months up in Phuket, where we hung out in Langkawi around Kuah and Koh Lipe (pronounced Ko-leepay). Then we came to Rebak (where we are now) and got lifted out of the water for re-painting the anti foul (Anti-weed paint that you put on the bottom of boats). So yep. That’s almost half a year summed up in a few minutes.



Belitung, 30 December 2017

Having christmas at sea isn’t that bad, unless its really rough, and I still got that really excited feeling when I woke up. Plus, there’s a LEGO LAND (WHEEE!) in Malaysia so we can go there too, when we get there. Belitung (where we are now) is muuuuuuuuuuuch nicer than expected, they have swimming pools, and restaurants ( ⬅️that word is HARD  TO SPELL) and stuff. The water is super polluted though, and the mosque is REALLLLLLLY loud with these massive speakers 📢 and it goes on, like foreveeeeeeeeeeerrr……  I have a theory (my dad always says never believe someone who has theories) about how Belitung was named: When the first explorers arrived, there was this really tangy fruit, and they were like, wow this really gives a tang to yer belly! So they called it the Belly Tang island, which evolved to Belitung. You can believe me if you want, but as my dad always says…

So I think Aeneas is going to write a blog now…


Tyrii (Happy new year!)


Yesterday we found some chocolate that was probably there for like 2 years, i think my mum put it there and then completely forgot about it. And it came all the way from Gran Canaria. and it was just tons of crumbs so anyway i got a lego ford mustang GT and a lego ninjago mini version of lloyd’s mech dragon and a disgusting cereal bar called farmer crunchy.


Flores, Monday 6 November 2017 (by Aeneas)

Birthday boy🎉

It’s my birthday today and i’m super happy I got four presents!!! A LEGO Star Wars carbon freezing chamber and a LEGO Ninjago rope bridge. It’s my fourth birthday aboard the boat! 🎁 My first one was in Spain, my second one was in Tonga, my third one was in Vanuatu and my fourth one is in Indonesia🇲🇨


Banda Islands, Saturday 14 October 2017

The VOLCANO of fire 🔥 (by Aeneas)

In Indonesian ‘api’ means fire and we went to climb a volcano 🌋 called Api. It sounds like happy but trust me, you do NOT want to climb this volcano. It took us 3 hours to get up and another 3 to get down 😰. When we finally got to the top I was like phew 😅 but we only stayed up there for 5 minutes because it was so hot with smoking vents. Then we had to go down, aww come on just 1 more minute. At the bottom there was this really steep bit but my feet hurt so much that when I ran down I got there and I just fell down on the ground. Then I got up and hopped in a little local wooden canoe 🛶 to Banda Neira and went to a restaurant called Delfika where I ordered something called crispy chicken 🍗🍟


view from the top


us going down


oh and I forgot to mention there were huge spiders


at the restaurant Delfika

Banda Islands, Friday 13 October 2017

The great Manhattan-Run rip-off (by Tyrii)

So the Banda islands were extremely important in the 16th- early 18th century, because they were the only place in the WORLD 🌎 where you could find nutmeg. Yes, nutmeg. But it was worth its weight in gold and it wasn’t just for cooking, it had healing properties and people even believed that it could ward off the plague. Pretty much THE ULTIMATE PLANT back in those days. The Dutch controlled all the Banda islands except one, called Run. The British had Run, and the Dutch knew that as long as they were there they would cause trouble. So they did some dealing, the Dutch gave the British New Amsterdam (now called New York) and lots of land around it, for the tiny little island called Run (which is smaller than Central Park). I know you’re thinking OMG that is a bad deal, but remember that these islands were worth TONS of money because of the nutmeg. But if that wasn’t bad enough for the Dutch, about 200 years later the British invaded (without a single shot fired! What was happening in that Dutch fort???) and took over. Then they started loading nutmeg seeds into their boats and transporting them to other British colonies (the Caribbean, India etc.) then two years later the Dutch got the islands given back by the British. The Dutch didn’t even know that the British took the seeds. And that’s it.
Anyone want to swap an island?

Sunday 3rd September 2017


So we’re anchored off Doom island. It’s not as bad as is sounds though. But still, you could name your tropical island anything that you wanted, and you choose Doom.Really? It’s not exactly begging you to come there is it? So we’re in Sorong. Dusty, stinky streets, no good restaurants, rubbish  everywhere, poop coloured canals and some other stuff too. But I can’t really complain because pretty much all these developing countries are like this and in a way it’s a little cool because it’s so different, although it does get overwhelming sometimes. At least we’ve got internet here which we haven’t had for a while. But even so it was great to go to some of the surrounding islands for a couple of days to  get out of town (we came to Sorong and then we left to Yangello for a few days then came back). We did some really awesome snorkelling while we were in Yanggelo and saw amazing corals. Anyway, that’s all I have to say because now my brother Aeneas is going to write his first blog! 🙂

Aeneas writing now:

Hello, this is my first time writing🤗

These are my favourite foods: Fajitas, pizza🍕, burgers and fries 🍔🍟, cake 🍰, ice cream🍦, popcorn🍿and other unhealthy foods. I don’t know about you but I’m really hungry right now. But I don’t  like red meat. I know you guys must be like OMG😱

I do like boogie boarding off the back of the dinghy, I like playing with the Lego, I like playing on the beach, I like fishing and sometimes I enjoy snorkelling.

I also love playing games on the iPad. My favourite ones are Minecraft, Boom Beach, Asphalt 7 and Pixel Gun 3D.

I like listening to music and my favourite artist is Rod Stewart. I also like the Beatles.

Anyway, here are some photos:


This is my brother (he really didn’t want me to post this picture)


This is me


My brother and me on the beach




Me surfing behind the dinghy


Playing with Lego (it doesn’t always look this organised)


Robots invading the boat

Galapagos departure

This was in Galapagos


This was fun in the Auckland museum

Saturday 19 August 2017, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Now we’re in a resort/island called Pef in Raja Ampat. Apparently Raja Ampat has some of most marine biodiversity in the world 🌎. If you don’t know what that means it’s basically got a lot of different types of fish and coral. It has over 500 species of fish and over 340 coral types. The most amazing place in Raja Ampat (it makes everywhere else look pretty lame) is called Wayag, which is pretty much just a labyrinth of islands 🌴 ,turquoise bays and really steep tall hills that have awesome views. And, everything is MUSHROOMY 🍄!!! Not really mushrooms though, just all the islands have inward curves that make it look like a mushroom:


So that basically lines all the islands apart from the beaches or mangroves.

I guess after all those years the underneath of the islands has been worn away by the sea and the wind. And you can see what I mean by mushroomy right? But if you made it have a steep top and a thinner base it would look like a Christmas tree 🎄(without the decorations obviously, or maybe the palm tree counts as one?). Anyway, I’ve talked enough about mushrooms.

Raja Ampat means ‘Four Kings’, literally ‘King Four’ though because Raja means king and Ampat means four in Indonesian. So the four kings each had one of the four largest islands in Raja Ampat. Apparently they were the ancestors of the Maya who lived 50 000 years ago and actually came from Africa. And the weirdest thing about the kings is, they were born from a Megapode bird. Out of the seven eggs, 4 were the kings, 1 was a woman and another was a ghost and the last one is a rock. I mean seriously, that mama is gonna have a messed up life. Now we’re on our way to somewhere else. Probably Sorong, which is a dirty, stinky city, but we’ll see what’s so wrong with Sorong (sorry, that was a bad one) once we get there.

Biak, Indonesia, Monday 10th July

Welcome to Indonesia 🇮🇩 !!! The land of traffic lights! I call it that because it has traffic lights (obviously). Nobody stops at the traffic lights, but there are traffic lights. Seriously, like there’s a giant red light on, and the little green walking guy is on, and they drive through it, like as if it wasn’t even there.

Everything in Indonesia is really really really cheap, but the currency’s worth is so low that it’s like: “Oh yeah, I’m just gonna pay for dinner. How much is that? One million rupiahs? Cool.” 😂LOL.  But it’s true, that’s only like 50 pounds. Anyway, once you get over the fact that pretty much everything costs over 10,000 rupiahs, the millions of motorbikes don’t stop for traffic lights, the people don’t speak a word of English, and some other stuff, it’s a pretty nice place. Of course, there are over 17 thousand islands and we’ve only been to two so far, so it could be completely different on another island.

So, I guess now we’re going to go explore those 17,000 islands 🌴.

[insert cool theme music here]


31 May 2017, Kavieng, PNG

PNG (Papua New Guinea) is similar to the Solomons but also extremely different, the supermarkets here have got things like air conditioning and escalators and stuff like that, whereas in the Solomons, even Honiara – the capital – they didn’t have that. PNG is a wealthier country than the Solomons, but it’s not really much different unless you go into the towns. Kokopo (yes, they sell coco pops there) is the first biggish town that we went to. I said biggish because these are not really big towns, only about 20,000 people.

Up in the mountains of PNG there are still tribes of native people who know nothing of the outside world, secluded in dense rainforest and towering mountains. And they’re probably still cannibals too, eating their enemies after a battle with a different tribe. Creepy, right?

They also have snow here sometimes, I know, you’re thinking: how is it possible to have snow while you are so close to the equator ? Well it is possible, because the mountains here are so high that sometimes it can snow. It probably won’t be snowing anytime soon though with all that global warming going on. It’s actually one of the only places in the world where they can have snow so near to the equator.

Lately, we were in the Duke of York islands 🌴 which is just the usual: palm trees, turquoise water and white sandy beaches. But we saw dugongs there which is the first time we’ve ever seen them apart from in Tetepare.

So far I like PNG better than the Solomons, it’s a nice place, even though the capital city (Port Moresby) is a bit dangerous but we won’t be going there.

C u later


4 April 2017, Munda, The Solomon Islands.

So we’re still in Munda. I guess it’s for a good reason too though, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get my diving ticket! I have to say diving is one the coolest experiences of my life, it’s like floating in space almost. When I dive down in the the water I can roughly stay for 30 seconds (without a tank) and then I have to come back up again, but with a tank you can stay down for ages: approximately an hour, depending how deep you are, what your air consumption is like, and how much air your tank can hold. But I still have to learn a bunch of stuff, because in diving there are tons of ways to die. Obviously it’s safe enough though, but you still need to learn about how to deal with an emergency situation, or how over-expansion works and how… Anyway, that could last multiple pages if I went on. So basically diving is totally worth it and it’s awesome. I had my birthday on Monday so I’m twelve now which means I can get my open water diver certification and means I can go down to 18 metres! I kinda wish Field Trip and Perry (other kid boats) were here for my birthday, but it was still ok because I guess we can have a little party when they get back.

Anyway, see ya!


22 March 2017, Munda, The Solomon Islands.

Yesterday we went on a walk to go and see a bunch of old stuff. Mostly stuff from World War two. So we set off along the dusty road, I was talking to Conrad (we were walking with Perry) about if a hydrogen powered car would work or not. Conrad and I talk about stuff like this sometimes. Anyway, we were about 1/4 of the way there and we saw these old mounted machine guns from WW2 just lying on the side of the road. A little further on we saw some anti-aircraft guns and an artillery cannon, but in the garden behind we saw these junky old flipped over, squished, rusty, cracked, amphibious landing tanks just sitting there full of spiderweb. So we ventured on and found the first collection of war relics, buuuuuuuuuuuut it was locked up 🗝😕. So we kept on walking through the tropical junglyish version of backstreets. Then we got to some other dude’s collection. There weren’t really any guns, just cola bottles from the soldiers back in the war and a few bombs and stuff. All the kids (including me) went to a little field at the back and made a campfire out of the ashes of an old one that someone had made earlier. Then we walked to the next bunch of relics, but this time it was awesome. There was tons of stuff, including grenades, tommy guns, rifles with bayonets, army helmets, 500 pound shells and you get the idea. Coolest thing though: we were allowed to hold these things! We put in the magazine for the tommy gun and pretended to shoot stuff! There were 2 magazines for the tommy gun, a circular one and a straight one,  the straight one looked cooler but kept on falling out. Not very handy for a battle.

Here are some photos:


anti-aircraft guns




the armoury of stuff, but that’s not a quarter of it!


tons of old cocacola bottles


500 pound shell


Aeneas and Mark killing stuff



Saturday 21 January 2017, Tulagi, The Solomon Islands.

In the Pacific, especially where we are right now, there were tons of battles between the Americans and the Japanese. Which means that there are lots of shipwrecks and stuff lying around the place: LSTs (landing ship tank – basically a landing ship for tanks), old Japanese warships, plane wrecks and blah blah blah. Anyway, Tulagi – where we are now – was one of the major battlegrounds. Tulagi used to a be a Japanese base during the war, and when the Americans tried to overtake it, the Japs dug out tons of tunnels into the hills. Eventually the Americans won, but during the process a lot of people died (okay, sure, it’s a war, people die, but you know what I mean). Imagine trying to get into a tunnel just big enough for an average human, when there is a this dude with a big machine gun spraying bullets everywhere guarding the entrance. It’s kinda scary to think what the soldiers had to deal with here.

Anyway, so we went on a big walk to go and see one of these tunnels. It was mostly dark and filled with spiderwebs.

Here are some photos:


Nama, a local dog who followed us up the mountain for no apparent reason


Inside the tunnel


The entrance to the tunnel


A cut through one of the hills made entirely by hand (well, with a pickaxe)


A dead baby croc (if you look close to its stomach, on the right, you will see a few guts spilled out. Hope you weren’t about to eat something)


An old LST (the US troops called them: Large Slow Target)


The LST while we were approaching

Monday 26 September 2016

Hi, We’re in New Caledonia .

If you don’t know where that is, look on a map (duh🙄).

Anyway, NC has the biggest lagoon in the world, which is pretty amazing.
But if you look at New Caledonia on a map (which you should) you would think it’s tiny, that’s because next to Australia it looks like a tiny little blob that you can’t really see (no offence to all you New Caledonians) but if you actually go there, it’s huge. It would take billions of years to go into every single bay and sail around every bit of reef. So we hired a car and decided to do it on land instead. So road trip 2.0 was good. On the first day we couldn’t really find anywhere good to stay, but there was a 5 star hotel just down the road, and I don’t think I had ever been to a 5 star before, so we stayed there for a night, not to boast or anything (obviously) but it was pretty awesome,

But at the same time it was kind of a little boring (I know, 5 star hotel, and I’m bored) because there wasn’t really anybody there, and it was a golf hotel for mostly old people. It was still nice though, pool, spa, TV in our bedroom (all in French though), so I can’t complain. Anyway, we stayed in a whole bunch of places, but on the last night we slept in a traditional hut, and the lady who ran it was really nice, so when we came back from dinner that night (which was utterly delicious) we were allowed on the iPad for a little while the adults had some wine and did some talking. Tomorrow we will leave for Vanuatu 🇻🇺.So at the moment we are in an awesome bay with the absolute NICEST water EVER‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ It’s a mixture of pristine turquoise and glittering light blue (still not boasting). C ya, stay awesome dudes,


Wednesday 10th August, Fiji

We are in Fiji. Like, I have waited 6 months (half a year) in freeeeeeeeeeeezing cold New Zealand. When we left there was frost on the pontoons ( that’s how cold it was, soon we would be making snow men ☃) Now we are in Fiji, But for the last few days it’s been raining super hard non stop, but today it stopped! And there was actually some sunshine☀️‼️ When we arrived we had a swim, it was like, sooooo nice. Then we went to check in, and we stayed there for a while (Savusavu) I even went Opti sailing there. Then we went to a bay that I gave a 6/10 , which is okay but not the best. It probably would have been nicer but after the hurricane hit it, it was completely totalled. So the next bay we went to was a lot nicer, but when we went ashore with our buddy boat, Toucan, there were ants everywhere!
I don’t know about you, but I’m not an insect kinda guy. Then we came to musket cove-a really nice resort-were we went swimming, made some buddies, had some pizza, you know. So everyday we went swimming and stuff. Then the rain came, boom. It was alright though, Conrad and Mark from Perry showed up, which was fun. We made sandcastles and dams, plus swimming and playing shark in the pool. We even did a slo-mo video of us jumping in. Then we played monopoly with Conrad, Mark, Megan and me (Aeneas just played Lego ) it was really close, but since we didn’t have enough time Megan and me ended up tying with about 3000 each and lots of hotels! And then the next day it stopped raining!!! Which was today. So I guess I start making that story today.

Stay cool dudes, life is awesome.

Here is the slo-mo video

May 2016, New Zealand


We’re in Auckland. And we lifted our boat out of the water, but, the workers, were reallllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sssssssllllllloooooooowwwwwww……. So it took us a month to get out of that place. While my dad stayed aboard my mum, my brother and I stayed at my friends’ house. As you can guess it was great. Plus my friends have sk8boards.

Their sk8boards + my sk8board ❌ big hill that they live on= a lot of fun and lots of blood and cuts and things that hurt.

so yeah, a sleep over for a month. And while our boat was on the hard we painted the stripes yellow and blue,we also painted the steering wheel blue. So after we put our boat back in the water, I helped my dad sail it back here. So yep.

Here we are.

Stay cool dudes,

– Tyrii 😜

December 2015, New Zealand

New Zealand. I never thought we would get here. So NZ is cool. Tons of wifi, tons of buddies.

We’re at anchor now. When we got here we had to stay on the quarantine dock for the night and in the morning Customs came and checked us in. But before we got here we knew that they would take some stuff from us (mostly food) so me and Aeneas (my little brother) had a think🤔. ‘ I know what we could do Tyrii! We could eat all the food!’ (My brother is always hungry, and when he isn’t hungry he’s bored.)  So we finished a whole pack of cookies, all the mentos that were left and also breakfast. I felt sick. Also we were sailing so the waves did not help. You can imagine.

We’ve  been doing school in the morning, then we have lunch and then we go playing and exploring with all the other kids. There’s  2 clubs. One is called cKc (cool kid club), it has Mike, Conrad, Mark, Aeneas and me. I’m the leader. Mike is co-leader, he got the name (he’s also a great double agent) and Conrad’s 3rd in command scince  he’s 2nd oldest.

The other club, FTF,  has like 7 or 6  kids but I don’t know them all.

We haven’t found their base. It stands for ‘fallen tree fort’. It’s somewhere up a small cliff with a rope hanging down. Their base is under a fallen tree 🌲 ( all this info is from Mike). We spent entire days climbing up and figuring out ways to get up. We found a rope and climbed up but there was a little base made out of grass. Nothing.

We got back down but it takes ages scince there’s thorns everywhere.

Sometimes we go to the shop and we buy some sweets.

Life is awesome

Stay cool, dudes


August 2015, Tahiti

Now we’re in Tahiti. There’s pizza here so I’m ok now since I haven’t had pizza for 2 months. ( I know, it’s crazy) 🍕I also got 2 buy chocolate🍫.and i also wanna make a cake🍰 but we’re gonna maybe hire a car and do a trip round Tahiti. If u look at it on a map it is like a lagoon with a big mountain in the middle. I looked in a book and it says that there’s a volcano 🌋underwater and when the lava hits the water it turns into rock.
then eventually the lava breaks through again and makes more rock.

this will keep happening until it reaches the surface . so then u have a big mountain sticking out in the middle of the ocean🗻🌊. Then coral grows around it. the volcano becomes xstinked and the mountain somehow sinks back into the earth.( now u ask ” how did that happen?” answer : I dunno, it just did) so when the mountain is gone it leaves a lagoon. then plants grow🌴.

Tahiti is at the ” sinking mountain” stage.

so what have u guys been doing on minecraft? I’ve started making another city. that last minecraft update was cool.

February 2015, Grenada

We R in Grenada and it’s very hot. The swimming in Tobago cays was amazing, and we had some excellent snorkelling in flamingo bay.I almost forgot that our boat has been lifted out of the water… i mean literally, lifted out of the water with a crane! (amazing what humans can do, uh?). so here are some photos of everything lately:







January 2015, the CARIBBEAN

After the Atlantic, 15 days, it was heaven to see land again, the Caribbean is nice, but not quite what I expected, although the other ones are supposed to be better because this one is volcanic.🌋. I think it’s awesome to be anchored again⚓️instead of crossing an ocean⛵️.i felt sick for the first few days 😖. We saw a great white shark! It’s the most dangerous and biggest shark! 😬scary😬!
Lower Bay

December 2014, THE CANARY ISLANDS! We’re in the Canaries and ready to cross the atlantic and actually after are 6 day crossing from gibraltar i did feel a little sick but apparently now according to adults I’ve got my sea legs. now  you shall see a NEW & IMPROVED MINECRAFT CITY:


September 2014:

Hi this is tyrii,

life is kinda weird out here just sailing about from island to island, there’s no civilisation in most islands but here….

Now we’ re in Mahon. We’ve been here before with a charter boat, I recognise most of it but not all of it. There’s one thing that I really need and you have a lot of, WiFi!!! Do any of you know Minecraft or Clash of Clans? here’s a photo of my city:


OK, well,I’ve been doing a lot of snorkelling and swimming, I got a jelly fish sting on my leg [ it hurt ] i was a little little little bit sore….

When we cross the Atlantic Ocean the waves are gonna be HUGE,LIKE THIS BIG


We’ve only caught 1 fish so far, so I wanna catch one like this big (better just add a picture, uh?)


16 thoughts on “KIDS ONLY

  1. Nice, hope your having a great time. I see your minecraft is coming along nicely. Australia’s great, just coming into summer. Have you still got me on Game Center?

  2. Hi Tyrii !! Nice to hear that you haven’t been eaten by a shark yet! It looks like you’re having a lot of fun, I’m so jealous !! I’ve started high school and it’s waaaaaaaaay better than primary school but I’ve got loads of homework to do over the half term. Your Minecraft buildings are so cool! I’m following your blog all the way and I’m missing you loads !! I’ll give you my e-mail via Auntie Audrie. How is your cheeky little brother? Hi Aeneas !!:)
    Hwyl am y tro! (that’s welsh for bye for now)
    Mari xx

  3. Hey Tyrii, having fun? Bet u r i’m sooooooooo jealous! How is ur little brother, is he driving u mad??? Hey little cuz. Tyrii, I saw ur mine craft cities they r AMAZING my stuff looks rubbish compared 2 urs, lol even though I built a MASSIVE roller coaster that goes on 4 ever!!! Missing u both loads ); (; c u (in person) in 2 years. We will try 2 skype soon!

    manon xx (:

    • Well, actually we did see a shark…..😬…… It was probably a great white. Anyway u shouldn’t be jealous coz I still have 2 do school ➕ it’s pretty boring when we’re out of the water becouse if u want to go 2 the:🚾 u have to walk 100 m. That city was small coz now it’s way bigger( I mean MINECRAFT) u should see my new house, on a survival world I also have diamond boots gold hemet and gold swords and the rest of the armour is iron.

  4. Bula (Hello), Tyrii and Aeneas how are things in Fiji ? I can see that it has been raining. I miss playing in the pool with you. It is to cold in Bendigo to go in the pool here.

    Has your boat (Rehua) ever been on the news?
    What books are you reading at the moment? I am reading Harry Potter, The Prisoner of Azkaband and Order of the Phoenix.
    What soccer team do you go for? I go for Real Madrid. My favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo, who is yours?

    from Sebastian Haigh the kid who wore a light pink rash top.

  5. Hi Sebastian, it was raining for ages but it has stopped now. Our boat has been on the news but that was with the previous owner beacause there were pirates chasing them to the Suez Canal from Somalia, and it had a different name then. I don’t really watch soccer any more but I used to support Real Madrid as well . Fiji is nice but soon we are leaving for Vanuatu. At the moment I am reading heroes of Olympus.
    From Tyrii, the kid who wore the green rash top.

  6. Hi Tyrii

    I love your mincraft world 🌍 it is amazing 😉. I don’t know if you remember but you met me when you were very little but I was little too so I don’t know 🤔 much about you. I have been looking at your website and I love the photos!!!

    Ben Crickmore 🤪🤪🤪

    PS email me if you want to or if you have WIFI 🤣🤣🤣

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