Yanggelo Island, Raja Ampat

Tyrii has been working on a school project about biodiversity with a case study on Raja Ampat. He learned that this area has over 1,400 reef fish species and 550 coral species, an outstanding number. The coral reefs are extremely healthy here and have not yet suffered any major impacts, unlike many other reefs around … Continue reading Yanggelo Island, Raja Ampat



Our supplies started to run low so we headed into the busy port of Sorong and anchored near Doom Island (whoever came up with that name?). Two of our buddy boats were anchored there already and it was lovely catching up with friends we hadn’t seen in a while. However, Sorong is not somewhere you … Continue reading Sorong

More Raja Ampat

We've had some amazing stops around Raja Ampat including desert beaches, an abandoned mining village and quiet and secluded inlets with 360 protection. This area is pretty much unchartered territory so google earth is our best friend. During the tricky bits of navigating through the reefs or narrow passages we all have our role onboard … Continue reading More Raja Ampat