The Boat name “Rehua” was selected for various reasons, some self explanatory, some more emotive, here is an exerpt from Wikipedia, our on-board Oracle!
“In Tahiti, Rehua was a star-god, the star of the New Year, who produced the Twins as well as the Pleiads, and considered lord of the year.
In Māori mythology, Rehua is a very sacred personage who lives the tenth and highest of the heavens, in some versions of Māori lore. Rehua is identified with certain stars. To the Tūhoe people of the North Island he is Antares. Because he lives in the highest of the skies, Rehua is untouched by death, and has power to cure blindness, revive the dead, and heal any disease. He is a son of Rangi and Papa, and the father of Kaitangata, as well as the ancestor of Māui.DSC_3039

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