The Boat

“Rehua” is an Antares/PDQ 44, picked for her all round build quality, sailability with a young family, and yes once you get used to the sheer line, her looks! (Find out more about the boat’s features on the the antares website and on Ted Clements’ (the designer) blog
Top of our boat list was and still is shaft drive, in the catamaran world this reduces your choice of boat by a factor of 9/10, the only other serious contender was a 2003 Catana 521, unfortunately she was just too much boat for our purposes, perhaps when the boys are grown!
We have a bucket list to empty in Marmaris, all hands to the pumps.
I can smell the grease and diesel already.
Updates to follow!

Three weeks in and things are pretty much as expected, I wont bore with the list but just about all major systems on the boat are tired and will get a proper overhaul. Cosmetically she is looking great we have re dressed her in off white awnings and finally the Rehua stickers are on and she’s ours!
Come on Mastervolt, its not a Christmas present!



A few more weeks of hard work and we are ready to set sail. Let the adventure begin!


4 thoughts on “The Boat

  1. Looking good. Very impressed by your choice of boat mate – from pics on the Antares website, the helm position looks like mission control!

  2. Hello from Francois and Mariola New year in Mindelo. Your trip is doing very well as we follow Your site
    And you become a specialist in coconuts.Bravo! Hour boat is now in trinidad and we keep going on the trip from november maybe tafftumas will still be in panama and see you next year somewhere in the pacifique maybe??
    Good luck and good wind.

    • Hi Francois and Mariola! Great to hear from you! Yes that was a New Year to remember … We are loving French Polynesia and now heading to Tonga and the Cook Islands. We will be coming back onto the Pacific next year so would be great to catch up!!! All the best XXX

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